Friday, September 26, 2008

High School Musical...?

Last week I had the opportunity to play for all of the classes of Mr. Lorentz, my high school guitar teacher.(that's us to the right) Although it was really tiring playing for every period, it payed off to see many kids excited and inspired by the music. It was great experience answering many questions that the students had.

Mr. Lorentz is an incredible classical guitarist and I had the privilage of learning from him all through high school. He was taught by many professional guitarists like Fred Benedetti and the Romeros. The inspiration that was passed to him has influenced my progression.

Scott Patterson has been playing percussion for me and he too was part of the guitar program. In the near future, Scott and others will be playing with me as a full band for the first time. Its exciting to put the full effect of my music in my upcoming shows. Keep in touch to see when and where I'll be playing next!

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Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

Jeff how awesome!! So I have some places in mind I'm going to try to book soon for hawaii. If I book them, when would you want them to be? Please let me know!