Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Levant Jump-Off Show!

On Saturday Dec. 13, I'll be playing my first show as a full band to help kick off the start of Levant. Levant is a sweet new clothing brand started by Bill Riggins and Brad Collins (my brother). If you haven't heard of them yet, you should check 'em out at www.whynotlevant.com because their shirts are awesome! No, but seriously.
I can't wait to perform with a full band so we can actually make my music sound like the recording on my cd...but even a little bit better. We have been practicing a lot and it has been turning out better than I expected! We've been tweaking and changing the songs (for the better) so people who have even heard my songs a whole bunch of times will notice new twists and turns. Another sweet band called For25 will also be playing which is exciting because I have never had the chance to hear them play. So anyways, It looks like its going to be a fun-filled event! See you there!

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